Saturday, 26 May 2012

long time, no see

So it's been a while...

I did manage to finish the Project 365 for those who want to check it out. I just spent a few minutes looking at it again, and thinking I really shouldn't have stopped in 2011 (or 2012 for that matter) but I haven't been as disciplined. I have so many memories triggered by those photos, it makes me want to start again, as well as turn these ones into a book so that's running in another window as I type :)

I haven't been taking as many photos but hope this will spur me on, I've been busy having babies and trying to sort our house out, but I feel like that greek bloke as I barely seem to get anywhere. Although Evan's just told me I can be his cleaner when he grows up. Thanks dude, but no...

I've been spending the night time feeds cruising pinterest and after my initial scoffing when it came out, I am totally hooked. It's about as close as I'll get to having pretty things but so far I have upcycled a cardboard box into a bedside table and I'm ridiculously proud of it. I've also tried my hand at updating t-shirts I don't like into something I would want to wear, but with less success... s'all good fun though. I'm cloudstarlings should you wish too see what I'm looking at. It reminds me of an interiors wish book I did when we first lived together, all the things I cut out of magazines that we'd have in our nice house when we were older. Well 13 years on and I think we have managed a couple of them but perhaps I can tidy up / declutter the house enough to make room for a few more.

I'll let you know how I get on

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